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Hardee Athletic Foundation,Inc.

Wildcat is not just a nickname it is a mindset, the way you play in Hardee.

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Hardee High School Athletes thankful for the instruction they receive to help them boost their score on college prep tests.

Here's what people are saying about Hardee Athletic Foundation:


The Hardee Athletic Foundation was very generous in providing funds for the boys and girls soccer teams. After a rewarding season the team supplemented their regular season training with a skills development camp.  We would not have been able to do this additional training without the financial support from the Hardee Athletic Foundation. Thanks for all your support,

Dennis Aubry                                                              Nicole Aubry

Hardee Senior High Head Coach Boys Soccer         HHS Head Coach Girls Soccer


The Hardee Athletic Foundation has enhanced the high school baseball program and supported individual athletes in pursuing athletic endeavors that they otherwise may not have experienced. As a coach and an educator I am pleased with their support of academics through scholarships and academic coaching provided to athletes.

Steve Rewis

Hardee Senior High Head Varsity Baseball Coach


I was very fortunate to be awarded one of the Hardee Athletic Foundation Scholarships. I was able to reduce my expenses by applying the scholarship each fall and spring semester; specifically, I was able to purchase books and other needed materials. I continued my love of sports while at the University of South Florida by participating in the USF Intermediate Athletic Program. I was honored to be a reipient of the HAF Scholarship and appreciate the support the board members have given me.

Adam Cartwright

2009 Hardee Senior High Graduate


The Hardee Athletic Foundation helped me grow as an athlete. They gave me an opportunity in life that I could have never experienced when I traveled to Las Vegas to play softball in a national tournament in front of college coaches. The foundation also was so kind to give me a chance to further my athletic ability as a recipient of their scholarship. I played college softball while furthering my education at Chipola College and Saint Leo University. I thank the foundation so much!

Chelsea Steedley

2010 Hardee Senior High Graduate


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